Is Your Family Protected?

A Haven Life insurance review can increase your security with just a few clicks!

Coverage of up to three million dollars is now available thanks to a major change in policy at Haven Life. Click here to find out how much you are eligible for!

From Haven Life

Look, we get it, life insurance isn’t something that people like talking about. No one wants to think about dying – or what will happen to their family when they do.
Most of us live our lives as if we’re going to live forever, even though we know, objectively, that isn’t possible. You see this play out with life insurance. Many of us avoid even talking about it because it shatters the myth of our own immortality.

Introducing Haven Life

So, why are so many families under-insured? Most of them say it’s because the process of getting insurance is invasive and complicated. But the truth is, those concerns are now out of date. With Haven Life you can apply for, and get, term life insurance with ease. And not some cookie-cutter policy – a real custom-made policy, tailored just for you! It’s all done online and if you start now, you could be full covered by lunchtime tomorrow!

There are a lot of options out there – so why Haven Life? One word: Value. With Haven Life you get affordable term life insurance. That means maximum coverage and minimal costs.
Here is where comparing life insurance service comes in: you sort through top providers, features and premiums in a single place; you don’t get to wear yourself out spending valuable time combing through different policies in different places and spending money while at it; and you know you are having more information at your service to make informed a right choice about what insurance cover you will go for. You get to choose some good value for your money.

Haven Life only sells term coverage. That makes shopping for the best plan simple and quick. No pushy sales people, so skyrocketing prices. Consider this: a half-million dollars of protection for a 35-year-old man can be had for as little as $21 per month!

FAQ: What is “Term” Life Insurance?

It all happens online, so you can apply using your tablet on the train, in your office at lunch time, or at home in bed wearing fuzzy pajamas. The process should only take a few minutes. You enter your age, basic health information and how much protection you need, and you’ll get a few straight forward options to consider. You pick how much coverage you want and what you want to pay, and just like that, you’re insured.

It’s all part of Haven Life’s effort to make getting covered, easier. No visits to an insurance office, no high-pressure sales people – just a few clicks and you get the protection you need. It’s the same policy, the same coverage – just delivered in a sleek modern style.

For those who like lists… here’s what Haven Life provides:

  • A straight forward application form completed 100% online
  • Easy to compare options showing cost and coverage
  • Security knowing your insurance is backed by Mass Mutual, an insurer with 160 years of experience
  • Policies and explanations in plain simple language

How do I apply?

The Haven Life online application process is something you can do on your own, in the privacy of your own home. If you start to fill it out and decide it’s not for you, no problem, you can just walk away. But honestly, that rarely happens. Most people are surprised at how little their term life insurance policy costs. So, head over to and look for the button that says “Apply Now.”

From there, you’ll fill out some basic information about yourself, your income, your family, and your health. Once you complete Haven Life form, you’ll find out if you qualify instantly or if you need a medical exam. You’ll also be given options showing coverage levels and premiums. You can make your choice and assuming you qualify, you can be covered before the end of the day.

Protecting your family isn’t free, but it’s cheaper than you might think.

A lot of the misunderstandings about how expensive life insurance coverage is, stems from one simple misunderstanding: People often compare “Whole Life Insurance” to “Term Life insurance.” They are very different policies, with very different costs structures. The big takeaway is that Term Life Insurance, for most people, is a real bargain. I got some quotes for hypothetical people. Find the one that most resembles your situation:

  • 26-year-old man – 30-year term – $250,000 of coverage – $19.75 per month.
  • 35-year-old woman – 20-year term – $500,000 of coverage – $18.50 per month.
  • 36-year-old woman – 20-year term – $750,000 of coverage – $28 per month.
  • 47-year-old man – 20-year term – $500,000 of coverage – $58.50 per month

Those are just random samples, but you can see how simple it is to compare. Your age, your health, the term length of the policy, and how much coverage you want are the main factors that determine what your premiums will be.

All this information is available for you, tailored to your specific situation as soon as you complete the application on Haven Life. With all the options at your fingertips, you might discover that something you previously thought was unattainable, is suddenly affordable.

And, there is no commitment from you. So even after Haven Life has given you a quote, and you’ve had your medical exam, you still have options. If you don’t like the rate or the term or anything else about your policy, you can just walk away.

Since Haven Life is all about making the buying experience easy, they offer one more thing to help you in your decision: something that might surprise you. Haven Life displays quotes from competing insurance companies alongside their own for you to compare. This way you can be completely certain you are getting the best possible rate.

Announcing Haven Life Plus!

One thing you hear time and time again is that life insurance is only good when you’re dead. And while yes, that is kind of the point of most life insurance, Haven Life has added something for the living.

Haven Life Plus refers to the ‘extras’ that you can take advantage of as an insured member. Go through this list and you’ll see it all adds up to big savings.

For starters: free legal services (wills and healthcare power of attorney) through Trust & Will. Normally this costs $129, but when you are covered by a Haven Life insurance plan, it’s free.

And if you get sick, no problem. Haven Life members get 15% off health care services at any MinuteClinic. MinuteClinics are found across the country in CVS and Target stores and they are available when you need them. You don’t even need an appointment.

Are you worried about identity theft? Well then, you need LifeSite. LifeSite is a simple and secure way of storing all of your important documents so you can share them as needed on all your devices. A membership typically costs $80, but guess what? As a Haven Life policyholder, you get a LifeSite membership for absolutely no charge.

Have you ever thought about doing a DNA test? Well, consider TeloYears. It’s an at-home DNA test you can use to discover more about your body and your health. The test delineates your biomarkers, and those can outline ways for you to improve your health in both the short and long term. As a Haven Life member, you’ll pay less than one-third the regular price!

See, the savings are really adding up. But there is one last advantage that won’t just save you money, it could save your life. Every Haven Life member gets a LifeLink subscription. This service makes calling emergency services incredibly easy and streamlined. If you’re ever in an emergency, LifeLink allows you to reach lifesaving services with just one button. And it doesn’t stop there. As soon as that emergency call is over, Lifelink makes another call — informing anyone you’ve designated as a contact person about what’s happened.

All of those benefits I just listed cost you nothing. They are all included in the cost of your Haven Life term life insurance plan. Nothing is extra, so there are no surprises. It’s all done with the goal of helping you enjoy life now. Because ‘Life is for the Living.’

What are People Saying About Haven Life?

Haven Life is a fresh new player in the stogy world of insurance. They opened their doors (virtually) in May of 2015. In that short time, they’ve proved there is a new way of doing business and in the process they’ve earned the respect of consumers across the country. They have also gotten top marks from the agencies that review and rate life insurance companies.

While Haven Life is new, they are backed by 160 years of experience. You see, Haven Life is owned by MassMutual. And if you haven’t heard of MassMutual, that’s OK, people in the financial industry sure have. In September 2016, MassMutual and its subsidiaries C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company were rated by A.M. Best Company as A++ (Superior; Top category of 15).

But if you’re like me, you don’t care what economists say, you want to hear from regular people who have used Haven Life to get protected. Like a friend of mine that was shopping for a 1-million dollar term policy last year and was quoted $60 a month. When she went to Haven Life to get a second quote, she was offered $28 a month!

But don’t take it from me, Trust Pilot is an independent review agency and they’ve collected these comments from people about their experiences with Haven Life.

“I was very hesitant to shop for life insurance on line. But once I started the process it really moved smoothly. It was a lot easier than I expected.” Alicia


“I’m a website designer so I tend be pretty judgmental about other people’s sites, but I was impressed with the Haven Life interface. Really intuitive.” Rae


“I had put off getting insurance for years. When the site told me that I needed a medical exam I was afraid I’d left it too long. But the exam lasted less than half an hour and now my family is protected. It’s amazing how good it feels.” Jason


“My mom is 58 and not great with computers so when she called me to say she had bought insurance online I was skeptical. I went on the site to check it out and decided I needed some protection for my family too. Really great service. Highly recommended.” Larissa


That’s it.

If you got this far and still aren’t quite ready to fill out the application, consider this: Your age affects your rates, so the younger you are when you start the policy, the lower your premiums will be for the entire life of the policy! So, starting now will save you money every month for decades to come!

On the other hand, waiting opens you up to the chance that you get sick, or develop a disability that makes you ineligible. Starting your policy now gives you peace of mind.

So, don’t delay. Go to and spend a few minutes completing the application. There’s no commitment and you’ll find out right away how much coverage you qualify for and at what term and rate.

There is a known saying: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” I think that also applies to life insurance. Failing to plan for the future is essentially failing to provide for your family. And that is something we should never approve of.